What Do You Want To Know About The Use of Pulse for Social Media Access?

Users can estimate their internet needs based on their daily habits. For example, a three-minute Youtube video with the standard resolution (480p) can spend around 17MB of data, while one Netflix movie with SD quality will spend about 1GB of data per hour or 3GB of data for HD video quality. Can you imagine how much money you can save when you find out the right provider? The good news is that you also have the chance to benefit from pulse convert service like the one available on temukan lebih banyak.

Meanwhile, telephone calls between users of different GSM services can suck up pulses of around Rp. 2,000 per minute. Therefore, many people are now turning to call via messenger apps like WhatsApp (WA), Viber, Line, and others.

Estimated amount of data used for WA call usage for one minute is 0.2 MB in 3G network (this has not been calculated in the 4G network). If using certain service, for example, with no subscribing must to any package of internet, the user is charged Rp. 1 per KB, so that only spend around Rp. 200 per minute. In the event often use Skype video calls for business communication, data consumption can reach around 30MB per minute.

This is certainly only possible if the location of the user and the person being contacted has adequate internet infrastructure because good sound quality requires the support of 3G networks.

You certainly very often see or hear internet data tariff advertisements. Various providers or cellular operators offer this. Finally, you are actually expected to buy their products. This is very understandable and that is one of their sales strategies.

Before saving data usage, it’s good for users to recognize the types of data consumption. Is it more often used up because of social media, browsing, playing games, watching videos online or precisely because it is used to download applications.
Users can easily recognize this through the menus on each cell phone, either the Android, iOS or Windows Phone operating system. This menu is usually in the settings section. When opened it will show how much data has been used and what applications are using it.