The Reasons Behind the Habit of Repeatedly Listen to the Music


latest naija music 2018 might now are familiar to you since you listen to or even repeat it to sing more and more. Basically, every individual has their own reason to choose Nigerian music as well as you choose certain music or song as your favorite one. No matter what type of music or from which country the music comes from, when you like it, you will even waste time to repeatedly listen to it, right?

For reasons of taste or because the contents of the song, we often play the same song. This term is known as repeat mode. Do you have habits like this? Although many new songs can be enjoyed, you are still stuck with that one song. But calm, this habit turned out to have a positive impact.

Usually, the brain processes what has been internalized into it. Then, the memory will call back, including the songs you have heard. Even if it’s a foreign language, this ear or hearing sense is genius enough to interpret so that it can still be followed even though it is not fully understood.

playing music with repeat mode can actually increase the social and biological activities of individuals and groups. Even in certain groups, listening to the same song many times can improve tradition. In addition, habits like this also make the audience feel the work.

On the other hand, listening to the same music or song can also awaken something you think you did in the past. This study was carried out by analyzing various musical genres in different time ranges and cultures. This study was conducted by Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis from the University of Arkansas.

In his research, Elizabeth combined various disciplines. Ranging from music theory, psycholinguistics, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience. This is done to examine how someone responds to the same song and plays it repeatedly.