Do You Want to Have a Kitchen Like a Chef-Style? Try This Tips!


Minimalist kitchen design best barstools and counter stools usually gives creativity. Small rooms usually require certain tricks so as not to look bleak and narrow. Ranging from color, lighting, to positioning. This also applies to kitchen design. A minimalist kitchen can be filled with a mini bar to change the function of the dining table as well as the electric stove. You can also decorate it with the stool bar as desired, which can be selected at

Small kitchen designs here can talk about how kitchen layout can be crucial in your mobilization when cooking in the kitchen. With this function, we can use a minimalist style chef-style kitchen design as a top choice for some kitchens that have small space. What is it like, a chef-style kitchen design trick that can be tried?

– Try playing the right type of arrangement for a small kitchen design
When starting to design a small kitchen, start with the right arrangement and decoration. You can consider an L-shaped kitchen decoration. This kitchen arrangement design consists of two counters arranged like a right angle. This can facilitate mobility when cooking in the kitchen and can be used by more than one person. For maximum flexibility, cooking, and allowing you to interact more, the design of a small kitchen with an L-shaped layout coupled with the presence of a kitchen island in the center is the right choice.

– Use open shelves
You can use open shelving that can store various kitchen utensils. This open shelf can give the illusion of a larger room and can beautify your kitchen if you can arrange the kitchen equipment properly in it.

– Use shiny furniture
In addition to using furniture such as glass, shiny furniture such as ceramics for the floor and backsplash near the sink, or electronic devices made of stainless steel can also be used for small kitchen designs. A cabinet that has a stainless steel frame can make your small kitchen more neat and spacious.