Get to know the symptoms that indicate you have severe stress

Everyone must have experienced stress. Some of them experience mild stress and can still be cured in many ways. However, some of them experience severe stress and can only be cured with various therapies. One of them is with Ayahuasca healing that you can get at

You can feel severe stress when you feel pressured by the problems and burdens you have. There are some signs that you must read when you are feeling heavy stress.

1. Be forgetful
When under stress, the mind usually feels filled with many things. With many things that you think about, you become hard to focus and concentrate. As a result, you become forgetful. Small and simple things are hard to remember.

2. Sleeplessness
Strangely, even though the body feels very lame, sleep still feels difficult. There are many things that rage on your mind plus a body system that still feels as if working hard, so you are susceptible to insomnia.