Things to do when you still don’t have a job

Self-confinement can be a ‘poison’ that can aggravate our mind and atmosphere when unemployed. With our free time, why not set aside a portion of it to come together with various communities? By doing that, networking and information about work opportunities will be even more wide open because we can get to know many new people. Other than that, take a look at by the time you’re searching for a job online in the UK.

Furthermore, you may also stumble upon your hidden talents, potential future business partners, and other rare opportunities that you won’t see in many companies and offices these days.

In addition, don’t forget to relax and have fun. Being unemployed does not mean eliminating your right to have time to have fun. In fact, with the stress, you might experience, try to allocate a portion of the time in a special week to relax and unwind.
But, also make sure that you are orderly with a predetermined time schedule. Do not continue to relax until you forget to find work again.