Here Are Some Signs of Your First Date Walking Successfully

In the present, if you want to find someone you like, then you can find it on the internet. There are already many online sites that provide services to find someone who is liked very easily. One that you can visit is a hippie dating site. That way, your search for someone you like will run very easily and precisely.


However, when you know him, it’s time to go on the first date. When your first date is over, then this is a sign of a successful first date.

– Your meeting lasts longer than you expected
If you want to know whether your first date is successful or not, look at how long you spent together on a date.
If your date lasts longer than your estimate, that means you and Gebetan both enjoy meeting moments until they forget time. This will be even better if you spend that long time full of interest, and laughter before finally you decide to go home.

– He asked many questions about you
If he asks you many questions, that means he wants to know more about everything. You could say this is a sign that your crush is just as interested as you.
Why can it be said like that? Because only curious people give a lot of questions. If he doesn’t feel attracted to you, he certainly won’t ask you a lot.

– He asks specific questions
The specifics referred to are questions that relate directly to you. Like your past, parents, and also about how you view the future.
If he asks you things like this when you are dating, that means he really wants to know you more deeply. Not as a friend but more than that.

– During the date, he never touched his cell phone unless it was needed
If during a date he rarely or even never touches a cell phone at all unless there is something important, congratulations! That means he really enjoys every second he spent together with you.