Tips for choosing a safe and cheap freight forwarding service

Choosing an expedition service is one step that needs to be considered well because we will entrust our goods to the expedition company. If there is a mistake in choosing a freight forwarding company, there is a high risk of theft and damage to the goods. As for the closer range deliveries, we recommend you to prefer the reliable fast track courier.


See detailed tips on choosing the best, cheap and safe freight forwarding and truck rental services:

Use Expedition Services with Low Prices but Reasonable

Everyone will surely be tempted by cheap price offers, which is why expedition companies will compete for prices with competitors – that’s normal. However, what is not normal is if we find an expedition company that offers its services at very cheap prices.
Do not rule out the service they provide is not professional, or even they are fraudsters.

Pay attention to Timing and Speed.

There are 2 things the timing and speed that we can measure, 1) the speed of handling customer requests and 2) the right timing for using expedition services. That is, if they are swift, fast and work in handling customer requests, then they can be sure their service is the best.

Then, set our timings, do not rush to use expedition services during national holidays and public holidays. Usually, at that time, they have too many customers (overload bookings) so that the quality of their services will be reduced.

Have a receipt number so that shipping can be tracked

Make sure the freight forwarding company leases containers or other fleets that we use has a receipt number feature that can be used to track the delivery of goods directly / real time.

Pay attention to the type of charge

When we send goods between cities/islands, we do not get full control to oversee the shipment, so if we send goods, calculate whether we need packaging, insurance, and loading and unloading services.

Use Packaging Services for Large Goods

We can handle small items on our own, it’s different with items that are too large. Use good low-priced goods packing services in your country to avoid damage to the goods.