Here Are Some Effective Ways To Lose Your Weight Without Sports

When you decide to lose weight, the thing you have to do is exercise. With the right exercise, you can lose weight well and optimally but do not torture yourself. One effective way to lose your weight is with Fazer jejum. Fasting is believed to be effective to help you lose weight to the maximum.

Exercising is indeed the way that many people choose to lose their weight. However, apparently, there are several effective ways to help you lose weight without exercise. Below are some ways.

– Chew food slowly
The brain needs time to process food until it feels sufficient and full. Chewing food slowly can increase satiety so that you will feel just a small portion.

– Use small plates
Eating using a small plate is believed to deceive our brain as if the food we take is more. Conversely, large plates provide the brain’s perception that the food we take is a little because of the size comparison with the plate. This is what makes us hooked to add more, again and again.

– Consume more protein
Protein has a powerful effect on our appetite. Proteins contained in this meat will provide a sense of satiety, reduce hunger and help you reduce calorie intake. This is because proteins affect some of the hormones in our body, including ghrelin and GLP-1.

– Consumption of foods that contain lots of fiber
A fiber called viscous fiber is very effective for losing weight because of its gel nature when meeting water. This gel is able to fill the stomach and takes a long time to be absorbed by the body so that it stops hunger. Included in this viscous fiber are nuts, wheat, asparagus, oranges, and flax seeds.

– Use a red plate
Psychologists find the unique fact that dishes in red can reduce appetite. Allegedly, the red color is closely associated with the brain as a sign of ‘stopping’ or other warnings, so the brain assumes to stop eating.