Why Do People Choos Arduino?

In recent years, Arduino has become a very popular platform. Robotics, industry, instrumentation, Internet-based remote control projects have been made from Arduino. Maybe one of the reasons is because it is open source, compiler software is free, so the developers are quite a lot. From here also we realize that there are still many people in this world like open source.


Why Arduino?

Arduino is very easy to use, both for beginners and those who are experts in the field of embedded systems. if we retreat to 10 years ago. Programming IC Programs (Microcontrollers) mostly still use assembly language. Just imagine to process an ultrasonic sensor with assembly language, it takes several tens of lines of the program. However, if you use Arduino, programming the sensor is only a few lines of the program, even almost all sensors that are sold already have their library. So processing sensor data is quite simple and easy.

Another reason why Arduino is a free, open source, and many developers. Cross-platform, the Arduino software is available for MAC os, Windows, Linux, even Android, even if there is an Arduino compiler. Much different from paid software like codevision, microe C and others. Prices are expensive and not cross-platform.

It must be known that Arduino is closely related to robotics, programming, and electronics. Similarly, microcontrollers, microprocessors, and the like. The Arduino programming language is the C language. But this language has been simplified using simple functions so even beginners can learn it quite easily. To create an Arduino program and upload it to the Arduino board, you need the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software. When it comes to the use of Arduino, there is no need for a programmer chip device because there is already a bootloader that will handle uploading programs from the computer. Aside from that, It already has USB communication facilities, so Laptop users who do not have a serial / RS323 port can use it.