Do these two ways so that your diarrhea can heal quickly

When you feel something that is not good for your digestion, it helps you avoid some foods that can cause diarrhea. Many people are not looking for cara mengatasi diare because they think that diarrhea is not a serious disease that must be cured. In fact, diarrhea indicates that something is bad in your intestines and digestion.

You can also deal with diarrhea in some of these quick ways

1. Change the food menu
To overcome diarrhea, try changing the menu to a dish with a light taste. You can try putting bananas, toast, mashed potatoes, salted biscuits, and rice when diarrhea. In addition, probiotics are also called able to nourish the digestive system so that it helps overcome diarrhea. Some foods with probiotic content are tempeh, dark chocolate, yogurt, and kimchi.

2. Increase consumption of mineral water
The body loses a lot of salt and water when diarrhea. Therefore, try to drink lots of water, especially during the first 24 hours. And if you experience diarrhea in large quantities, add about 1L of water for 1 to 2 hours.