Characteristics of Damage to Your Laptop

Today IT Services companies Scottsdale AZ , almost everyone has a laptop especially those who are of productive age. The use of laptops is considered more practical and efficient than computers. In terms of performance, laptops are also superior, always following trends and technological developments. Just like other gadgets, laptops also rarely experience various kinds of problems, especially on the screen. Even though it’s a serious problem, you don’t have to panic, just contact our IT Support in Scottsdale AZ to help you.

The following are some characteristics of damage to the laptop:

– LCD damage

The screen does not appear image, lights up but vertical lines appear, black blocks appear, and images are not symmetrical / random.

Solution: Turn off the laptop with a hard turn off (press the power button to die), then remove the battery and the charger cable, then press the power button off for a few seconds to remove the capacitance charge, then plug the battery and cable again, turn on the laptop. If it still appears, then there might be hardware damage, try checking the connectors or sockets that are related to the monitor or you should take it to an authorized service center.

– Keyboard

Some keys do not work, a long beep comes out when the laptop is turned on, the cursor runs unstable / moves on its own. More severe damage usually occurs shortly and this causes the Laptop / Notebook after booting, restarting continuously.

Solution: Try to unload the laptop keyboard, clean it with a vacuum cleaner, or if you are able to unload all and check if there is a circuit that is broken or there is dirt stuck, if there is a laptop circuit that has broken you are forced to buy a new keyboard.

– Memory

When turned on does not appear at all, blue screen when starting loading the Operating System. It can also beep sound repeatedly.

Solution: Unplug the laptop’s memory, clean it and install it again, if it can’t, try changing it with a new memory.